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By on 1-01-2021 in Business, Computers and Technology

No standard user interface (UI) design processes or rules for developers of mobile apps have been published by Google. Therefore, without following any standard UI development process or guidelines, most developers build Android apps. The apps do not look or run consistently across various devices as developers build custom UI interfaces in their own manner. The user interface generated directly by the Android app is influenced by the incompatibility and diversity of the UI. To keep the UI consistent across several platforms, smart developers opt for a sensitive layout. Also by mixing both real devices and emulators, developers must thoroughly test the UI of their mobile app. But developers also find it overwhelming to create a UI that makes the app appear consistent across multiple Android devices. For more information, visit their website at game designers

To improve the accessibility and interoperability of the mobile app, most developers use third party APIs. But the standard of third-party APIs accessible to developers of Android apps varies. For a specific version of Android, such APIs are planned. Therefore, on devices operated by various versions of the mobile operating system, these APIs do not function. Developers have to explore ways to make various versions of Android work with a single API. But on multiple Android devices with the same set of APIs, they always find it difficult to make the software run smoothly. Kindly visit IoT developer to find more information.

It is easier for smartphone makers to customise Android according to their unique needs because of its open-source nature. Yet Android has been vulnerable to regular security threats due to its openness and large market share. There are several times when security vulnerabilities or bugs like Stage fright,’ Certifi-gate’ mRST, FakeID, Installer Hijacking and Towel Root have affected the security of millions of Android devices. In terms of targeted security attacks and security bugs in Android, developers must provide robust security features in the application and use the new encryption method to keep user information protected. If you would like to learn more about this, visit their website at android app developers